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Pinnacle Lifescience has swiftly acquired a reputation among top cdmo companies in India for its Innovative approach in the world of manufacturing medicine. Quality and Service, led by Innovation has been the roots of our success.

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We have built our business as a pharma contract manufacturer in India on the grounds of strong ethics and in compliance with the regulatory boards. We truly believe that great healthcare advances can be made by organisations who understand the need for a more personalised healthcare.

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Life at Pinnacle

Our diverse and dynamic teams of one of India’s top oncology pharma companies, work globally to bring innovative solutions and ideas to life, while enjoying theirs!

Life at Pinnacle

Pinnacle life science

Our diverse and dynamic teams work globally to bring innovative solutions and ideas to life, while enjoying theirs!

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The Benefits Of Choosing Pinnacle As A CDMO Pharma Company For API Manufacturing

  An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) refers to the main component of a medication that provides its therapeutic effect. It is a substance or combination of substances present in medicine to elicit a pharmacological response. For instance, a pain-relieving API …

How Pinnacle Life Science Became a Leading Rivaroxaban Manufacturer in India

Pinnacle Life Science, a healthcare company and subsidiary of Aarti Drugs with a 35-year-old commitment to the industry, has established its presence in over 90 countries. The company prioritizes efficient healthcare and operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces formulations …

How Pinnacle’s Expertise In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Sets Us Apart

Pinnacle, a prominent oncology product manufacturer in India with a 35-year track record of commitment, has established a strong presence in over 90 countries. The company focuses on providing efficient healthcare solutions, and its cutting-edge manufacturing facility produces high-quality formulations …

Pinnacle’s Commitment To Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Sustainability is the need of the hour. With multiple environmental concerns, it is essential to center the manufacturing and production practices keeping the future in perspective. While historically, the pharmaceutical industry has been a traditional industry with little focus on …